Catwalk Tragedy, LLC

One of the events created by IJAM was created around 4am after a show settlement while sitting in a diner drinking coffee.
Jeff Cohn and I were talking about Miss America and agreed that there should be something out there for people who did not look like Miss America. In other words, there should be something out there for everyone who was different.

The idea for CatWalk Tragedy was originally a spoof. There were going to be 3 rounds of local models modeling different things and the judges were to be billed as "4 fat guys and a rock star". The point was to show that originality and personality were most important and that the judges didn't matter.

It turned out that we were onto something since we had a line out of the door the night of the show, we had vendors who did well, lots of laughs and gave away lots of prizes. After the first CatWalk Tragedy we reconvened (during normal business hours with lots more coffee) and talked about what worked and what didn't work. We changed CatWalk Tragedy from a spoof to what it is now known for:

CatWalk Tragedy is a designer showcase, with three rounds for both female and male models. The third round is a talent round and the louder the crowd cheers the better the model scores. The first two rounds are judged by people in the Alternative world who value individuality and personality. The MC is a highly talented artist in his own right, and the best MC out there – Voltaire . The DJs have been Mighty Mike Saga, Chas Paris, and Chris Smack.
The Judges have been: Mia Tyler, Megan Massacre, Mosh, Jayla Rubinelli, Lithium Picnic, Aprella, Darenzia, Angela Ryan, Apnea, Acey Slade, And others .

CatWalk Tragedy has played 4 times in Philadelphia, 2 times in NYC during fashion week, and once in Orlando during Scream Fest.

There is currently talk of performing on the west coast.

The point of CatWalk Tragedy is to celebrate and respect art and self expression in all of its forms.

    A CatWalk Tragedy show schedule:
  • Introductions
  • Round 1: Designer Showcase
  • Band performs
  • Round 2: Designer Showcase
  • Band performs
  • Round 3: Talent performances
  • Band performs
  • Mr & Ms CatWalk Tragedy crowned and prizes awarded

Behind the scenes

Every CatWalk Tragedy requires a LOT of work from a small team.
- The Model Manager must keep every one informed – especially the models.
- Designer Interface must keep all designers informed and work with model manager to set up fittings before the show.
- VIP interface must keep all judges, band members, MC & guests informed
- DJ/DJ Manager must work with model manager for round 3 music coordination.
- Merch Person sells merchandise and special handmade items.
- Vendor Manager helps vendors set up and settle at the end of the show. Sponsorship manager/prize manager works with all sponsors.
- Show manager must oversee schedules leading up to the night of the show and the schedule the night of the show, and must design and manage budgets.
- 2 make up artists, 2 hair stylists: The MUA and Hair stylists work furiously before the show opens and in between rounds to do make up and hair for 30 to 50 models for each round.
They coordinate with models before each show to plan for supplies and to keep models aware of time constraints and financial constraints for particular looks. (models do not get free salon cut and colors and weaves put in – these are fast changes with supplies usually provided in PART by sponsors. Much of the supplies are provded by the MUA's and the Hair stylists.)
- Past sponsors have included: Sourpuss Clothing Tripp NYC, Manic Panic, Red Buttafly, Kambriel, Scarebares, Art with Latex, Mechanique, Yunus Manzoor, Fahion and Advertising, IntrepidJAM, LLC, ...